Web Site Promotion – Web Site Promotion Techniques

Though the Internet is well known for making people rich quite fast the real process that leads to riches is not so well known. What is truly surprising is that there is nothing complicated about anything. Anyone who knows how to generate website traffic can increase sales and profits.

There are several forms of free advertising on the Internet and one of them is posting in forums, newsgroups, and other online communities that are specifically meant for advertising. Besides common resources such as Yahoo! Groups there are hundreds of other community websites that allow advertising for free. An advertisement lasts for an average of around 2 weeks before it is pushed too far back by newer ones. By carefully selecting where you post your advertisement you could expose your business to millions of prospects for zero cost.

Here are some more places where you can advertise though not all of them are free.
Email websites like Yahoo, Google, etc. make good advertising because millions of people check their emails every day. You can get massive exposure by advertising here. As mentioned earlier online communities are also good but you must also include social networking websites like MySpace, Classmates, and others where people come together.

Some commercial websites like eBay, Amazon.com, etc. also attract a huge number of visitors daily and advertising here can certainly boost your sales and profits.

Finally there are ezines, the electronic equivalent of magazines. These publications have thousands of subscribers and by choosing the right ezine a single advertisement can generate a lot of traffic

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